Trademarks valuation

How much is a trade mark worth?

This question can be raised in various situations: transfer of ownership, merger, licensing, reallocation of the assets of a group of companies…

The value of a trade mark depends on various factors, such as:

  • The quality and adequacy of its legal protection
  • Its fame
  • The existence or likelihood of litigation
  • Its capacity to increase the price or volume of product sales
  • The competition it faces
The financial evaluation reports provided
by FIVALOR® can be presented to
fiscal authorities.

FIVALOR®’s trade marks evaluations rely on proven methods. Such methods take into account the specificities of trade marks, especially the impact of marketing as well as legal factors. Such methods are based on the ISO 10668:2010 norm, especially since FIVALOR® actively contributed to its elaboration.

Financial valuation reports delivered by FIVALOR® are suitable to be presented to the tax administrations.