Technology valuation

Though the protection of new inventions is well established under Intellectual Property laws, the matter of their financial valuation is more difficult to cope with.
The target is indeed to establish a connection between a commercial potential and an expected financial outcome in order to assess the value of the considered invention.

FIVALOR® conducts the evaluation of technologies thanks to a reliable methodology.
Firstly, the object of the valuation study is to be defined, and the appropriate questions are to be raised, as:

    What is the perimeter of the valuation study?

  • A patent or a patent portfolio?
  • Know-how, softwares?
  • Complementary protections? (Ex: Market Exclusivity)
  • One product or several products/services?
  • One market or several markets?

    Is the object of the valuation strong?

  • Scope of the patent: does it cover the product or the process being operated
  • Validity of the IP right
  • Freedom to Operate
  • The market position of the product or the process with regard to competition
Financial valuation reports delivered by FIVALOR® are suitable to be presented to the tax administrations.
In conclusion, are the products/services properly protected, now and over the time period of the investments?
Going through this preliminary step of analysis and risks identification, FIVALOR® is able to carry out the more appropriate methods to properly assess immaterial assets.