During a “licensing” operation, i.e. when the owner of an IP asset is willing to transfer to a third a right of exploitation based on this asset, a key element for the negociation is to determine the price of the right of exploitation and the payment terms.

The parties take into account market price provided with a comparables search and/or royalties which can be expected in case of exploitation of this IP asset when it is incorporated in Products or Services.

All search about transfer price should, particularly, take into account characteristics of the right of exploitation transfered in relation with exclusiveness, territory and term.

Within the context of grant of licence, FIVALOR® get involved for the valuation of royalties rates which will determine the income of the IP asset’s owner in compensation of the grant of his/her IP asset.

The expertise of FIVALOR® covers also search of licencees, providing negociation support within the context of transfer of IP assets and drafting licence agreements.