Founded in 1906, Cabinet Plasseraud is one of the leading European firms in the IP sector, and among the largest in France. In 2006, Cabinet Plasseraud decided to create FIVALOR®, a department dedicated to IP financial valuation, transactions (licensing, technology transfer) and damage assessment.

FIVALOR is supported by the 80 Patent & Trademark Attorneys and all the professionals (220 associates) of Cabinet Plasseraud.

FIVALOR implements a reliable methodology to assess patents, trademarks or softwares’ value. The FIVALOR team brings together technical (mechanics, electronics, computers, chemistry, biotechnology), legal (French and European Patent &Trademark Attorneys) and financial skills.

    FIVALOR’s particularities

  • We have a strong IP expertise: we benefit from the expertise of senior Patent & Trademark Attorneys of Cabinet Plasseraud to establish a due diligence of the IP rights
  • We are risk-sensitive: all and any risks, especially legal ones, that we can identify are listed and implemented in the calculations
  • We master finance methods
  • We have recognized skills in negotiation and contract drafting
FIVALOR links industrial property and finance for a strongly based determination of the value of Intangible Assets.

    Our offer

  • IP valuation (technology, brand and software)
  • Technology transfer and transactions support
  • Damage assessment in litigation cases

    FIVALOR is an active member

  • of the ISO workshop for the new normative standard of monetary valuation of brands, which has been released in october 2010
  • of the AFNOR workshop « Intellectual Property Management », patents financial valuation subgroup