General Methodology

    Our methodology comprises a series of successive actions:

  • Identification of the IP rights at stake: patents, trademarks, softwares
  • Context analysis:
    Is it a case of transaction (assignment, licence), collaboration or capital contribution, merger and acquisition, infringement (damage assessment) or a need for tax avoidance?
  • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the IP rights:
    What is the validity of the IP right, its expiry date, the scope of its legal protection, its geographical scope, its strengths, freedom to operate, and infringement risk?
  • Identification of the legal, technological (development risks, alternative technologies) and financial risks
  • Analysis of the « Business Success Drivers »:
    What will drive product success or slow it down?
  • The encountered problems can be complex and may include time to market, market growth rate, pricing, regulatory approval, position to the Standard, competitors reactions
  • Implementation of the financial valuation methods:
    In view of the context and of elements impacting the value, we select the appropriate valuation method(s)

    • Cost approach
    • Market approach
    • Income approach
    Our methodology meets the IFRS standards and the OECD and Tax Administration’s requirements.